About Us

GCC, Inc. offers a comprehensive approach to delivering project management, facility development, gas processing, system optimization and service solutions to the Oil & Natural Gas industry.  With vast, hands-on experience from the pad to the point of sale, we understand that various factors influence the economic success of a project. We work closely with each client to seek an in-depth understanding of their unique needs, as well as evaluate current and future challenges. Our team approach allows us to provide fast, technically sound and cost-effective solutions to virtually any gas operation situation.  One of the foremost tools we utilize to facilitate collaboration between our team members and the client is the utilization of open communication. The primary role of our team is to quickly respond to any and all concerns that might arise throughout the course of the project, and in return, provide options for overall success. GCC’s management and professional staff understands that the continued success of our company is directly related to the products and services we deliver. 


GCC, Inc. was founded on the precepts of providing sound project management, quality engineering, outstanding operations implementation and superior safety measures. These principles, coupled with our shared vision to be the premier Natural Gas consulting firm, drives our ability to form meaningful partnerships with vendors and our clients.

Since our inception in 2005, GCC has been locally owned and operated. Our engineers are principals who share in ownership and the day-to-day company operations. The principals also manage and work on all projects, enabling them to mobilize quickly and respond to any situation without delay.

Our Experts

Our engineers, operations staff and affiliated consultants collectively have over 200 years of experience within the industry. We can manage, design, install and operate an entire project, or supplement your staff with our field experts nationwide.  We have managed projects in excess of $100M as well as project teams of over 100 personnel.  GCC has established a solid business base with continued growth from both return and new clients, who value working with a company that prides itself on being the best and has a passion to exceed the clients’ expectations.