Wayne Sartori
Founder and President

Wayne contributes business development expertise, project management, and engineering to his role as President of GCC, Inc.  He holds more than 40 years of experience in the industry, with 26 years specifically in oil and natural gas gathering and production. His background includes engineering and management for distributors of Ingersoll Rand and Gould & Worthington compressors and pumps. In 1988, Wayne joined Tidewater Gas Compression, and through various industry acquisitions throughout 1990-2005, successfully managed projects for Global Compression, Production Operators, Schlumberger and Hanover. His tenure with these companies included project development for compressor stations and processing facilities, equipment design and sourcing, project management and facility operations. In 2005, Wayne founded GCC, and successfully expanded his start-up company to a significant player providing design and engineering for gas gathering and processing. A Vietnam Veteran, Wayne earned his Bachelor’s degree from California State University-Sacramento in 1973.