Case Study: Compression Facility Design

Design & Construction

Project at a Glance


Raton, NM

Project Type:

Turn‐Key Compression

Overall Value $71.8 MM annually
Challenges Identified
  • No permit
  • 3 month timeline for completion.
  • Winter construction 
  • Specialized filtration
  • Met deadline adding 10


MMSCFD to sales during winter conditions.

Project Overview

At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2012, GCC was requested by our client to install an additional 10 MMSCFD to existing production in order to meet the new production scheduled for delivery by the end of the year. The client had discussed rental compression with multiple vendors but had not planned for air permits for the installation requirements. In addition, the coal bed methane gas had coal fines that would damage a rotary screw compressor. The rental companies would not rent without assurance that the fines were removed. The system required a low pressure rotary feeding a central station recip. The rotary would be a Greenfield installation, while the reciprocating compression would be added to the existing CDP compression station.


GCC first sized the required compression, then contacted the rental companies in order to negotiate the rental of one 1340 Hp Frick rotary screw compressor and one 3516 Ariel JGT‐4 compressor. After securing the rental units, we began the permitting process while simultaneously developed the construction engineering, finding adequate inlet filtration for the coal fines. Within six weeks GCC had com‐ pleted both facility designs, developed the construction BOM for piping and valves and completed a RFQ for construction of the two sites. The ground breaking took place in late November, with the GCC team overseeing all civil and mechanical con‐ struction.


Through GCC perseverance, the project was completed in mid‐January. We were onsite during the start‐up of each facility allowing production to reach the 10 MMSCFD target. GCC was then asked to provide optimization of their 32,000 Hp gathering and CDP compressor stations.

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