Case Study: Marcellus Commissioning

Field Compression Commissioning

Project at a Glance



Project Scope:

85,000+hp @ 13 sites

Operations Support

  • Job books/manuals
  • Identified drawing errors
  • Identified/corrected
    equipment design issues
  • Project Management

Project Overview

When a Mid‐Stream company needed teams to provide experienced personnel for Pennsylvania Marcellus shale play they turned to GCC to provide the field expertise to oversee the various stages of Commissioning. The project included over 85,000 HP at (13) Thirteen compressor and processing sites. The stations all varied in size and complexity including smaller dual station gas driven Cat 3516/JGT‐4’s, Multiple Cat 3616’s/KBZ‐4’s and Solar gas turbines. The commissioning process was well designed by the Mid‐Stream company, requiring teams of (4) four engineers to provide; mechanical, electrical‐instrumentation control, operations, and a technical writer/Job Book control, for each station. Each team covered the initial Greenfield free flowing Dehy commissioning up through compression startup based on construction schedules.


The process began in September of 2012 and continued through spring 2013. As part of the process, GCC provided daily reports on construction progress, identified incomplete and incorrect drawings and directed correction of equipment design issues. As part of the construction teams, we assisted in scheduling future work through our field reports and provided hands on support with equipment installation, instrumentation and control systems and operational reviews. Through this procedure we assisted in field correction. At times GCC provided up to (3) three teams of commissioning personnel in the field. GCC also provided completed job books and operating manuals with startup support for the various stations.


The client reached most of their goals during the winter and spring of 2012 and 2013. As the project reached maturity, the Midstream operator began hiring their own operators and training local technicians and began releasing GCC personnel. GCC continued to provide field supervisory support for the project up until February 2014.

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