Case Study: Compression Facility Design

Expanded gas gathering capacity

Project at a Glance




Expanded Gas Capacity

Initial Capacity

10 MMscf/d

Final Capacity 50 MMscf/d
Overall Value $750,000

Project Overview

Our client requested GCC’s services to expand an existing compressor station. The expansion would add 40 MMscf/d to the current 10 MMscf/d station and would include (2) 1380 HP CAT 3516/LE Ariel JGT‐4’s and the surrounding support facilities. The key to the expansion was the interconnection and expansion of the facility inlet and discharge headers, tying the system into the existing gas procession and plant, and expanding the concrete floor and building to match the existing facility. All equipment specifications, site layouts, header designs and building designs were completed by GCC. The project design involved the participation of several companies, thus requiring a higher level of coordination while maintaining a cost effective and efficient approach.


GCC was awarded the contract in March 2009 with ground broken on the first station September 1, 2009. The GCC management team directed the equipment design and quality control for equipment suppliers and contractors, managed the project development including BOM’s and RFQ’s on all equipment, pipe, buildings and materials while coordinating all deliveries. The client was supplied with all P&ID’s, ISO’s, as‐builts, job books, daily operator form documents, in addition to completed plant operation procedures for the facility and equipment. The Station and compressors were started up Nov 15, 2009.

GCC simultaneously provided research on various compression options to meet the client’s needs. The options included: Cat 3516LE’s, Wauk 7044GSI’s and Cat 3608’s. The final cost analysis and volume commitment resulted in two (2) @ Cat 3516’s mated to two‐stage Ariel JGT‐4 Compressors.


GCC was on‐hand during the start‐up of the first facility which allowed for minor design changes to be implemented (due to higher gas volumes requiring the units to be operated at higher inlet pressures). The changes included the revision of the lubrication system and operation at a lower initial RPM to avoid rod reversal on the Ariel compressor. As a result, the client saved in excess of $750,000 on the expansion.

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