Case Study: Gathering & Compression Up-Grades


Project at a Glance


Raton, NM

Project Type:

CBM Optimization

Challenges Identified
  • Large CBM gathering system with booster and CDP’s.
  • Gas and electric driven compressor mix.
  • Lack of client information.
Results Added 23MMSCFD to total production without adding Hp.

Project Overview

GCC was contacted by our client with a request to review and audit their CBM compression. The gathering and processing capability included 15,000Hp of low pres‐ sure rotary screws and 21,000 Hp of reciprocating CDP sales compressors. The total system volume averaged 102 MMSCFD with field pressure averages of 5‐7 psig with a sales pressure of 1050 psig. Rotary screws were distributed throughout the field while the CDP’s comprised stations of 5,000‐10,000Hp. The gathering system was installed in various stages over the years with minimal interaction as the various legs were constructed. Our SOW was to model all compression for perfor‐ mance capabilities and identify deficiencies in their system operations.


GCC gathered first all field operational data with compression information and began modeling each compressor. From preliminary modeling, we were able to de‐ termine that with all compression in operation, the system had the ability to pro‐ duce 127MMSCFD. We then began isolating various systems to determine where the deficiencies were in the system, and we found several areas in need of optimization. First, we loaded the rotary screws to design conditions and found we had the ability to compress 160MMSCFD. Once we loaded the recip pods, however, we discovered we had the potential to only produce 107MMSCFD. The POD’s needed additional pocket clearance to allow for higher inlet pressures. The operator had limited suction pressure due to the fear of rod loading. GCC was able to add 1st and 2nd stage spacers to allow for the higher suction pressure and associated volumes. We also found POD cooler limitations where flow was curtailed due to high dis‐ charge temperatures above dehy specifications.


With minimal cost to the producer, we installed spacers as well as two new second‐ ary Fin Fan coolers. The total labor cost was $110,000.00. The producer was able to increase their average volume up to 125MMSCFD adding over $32,000,000 to their annual revenue.

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