GCC’s operational expertise and troubleshooting experience allows us to identify factors which may limit performance. We evaluate all aspects of the plant, from design to performance to infrastructure conditions. We’re then able to identify how to get the most out of a facility by optimizing existing assets before considering costly capital investments.

We can provide complete contract operating services and develop operating procedures and systems. Additionally, our team can uncover Amine and Cryo plant operational concerns. Through our efforts, we help our clients develop a safe and easily operated natural gas facility.

  • Optimization and Systems Audits
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Compression
  • Associated Gas Services
  • Environmental Services and Permitting Compliance
  • Trouble shooting compression and process systems
  • Instrumentation and Control Services

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Audit and Optimization

An audit of the existing low pressure CBM system, with the incorporation of hydraulic modeling of their pipeline and compression equipment for the planned future production, provided the necessary system modifications to allow for full production of the new capacity.


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