Case Study: Process Plant


Project at a Glance


Eastern Texas

Project Type:

Plant Residue De‐bottlenecking

Initial Capacity

540 MMSCFD (Reliably)

Final Capacity 590 MMSCFD
Overall Value $71.8 MM annually
Challenges Identified
  • Massive piping in plant that was added to over the years. 
  • Reciprocating and centrifugal
  • Lack of accurate client information.
  • Reduction in site space


Added potential of 50 MMSCFD to total plant capability.

Project Overview

Our midstream client owns an 800 MMSCFD gas plant that includes five separate processing streams and includes over 48,000Hp of residue gas‐drive reciprocating and turbine centrifugal compressors. The residue side doesn't maintain reliability or system throughput. GCC was tasked with evaluating all compression, residue piping, coolers, valves and vessels to improve system operating and reliability.


We sent a four‐man team to begin gathering data. This included all SCADA data, P&ID’s and plant equipment data sheets. From the data gathered and our site visit, we determined that much of the information was missing or inaccurate. We modi‐ fied the SOW to include correcting all inaccuracies as well as updating new P&ID’s and generating our own PFD’s. The SOW modification generated additional site visits to walk down all lines and develop name plate data sheets and photos for all compression, piping, coolers, valves, vessels and other on‐site equipment. GCC modeled piping using AFT Arrow, ran performance curves on all reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, and evaluated and sized vessels. As a result, we were able to generate various options for enhanced equipment performance and reliability.


The optimization provided immediate upgrade design information to our client on correct piping flows and gas velocities that exceeded the company’s standards. The final report included detailed information with almost three dozen upgrade possi‐ bilities for the facility as well as modeling data supporting all recommendations. The upgrades included recips, turbines, piping, valves, separators, controls and coolers. In addition, GCC provided information regarding the cost and require‐ ments of each upgrade suitable for project AFE generation. The total cost of all combined upgrades provided an average ROI of six months. Using the client’s value of gas and factoring in the downtime for each upgrade, $71.8MM annual value could be added to the plant’s operations the first year. The upgrades would also reduce future down time that was not included in the added revenue forecast.

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