Solid Partnerships Drive Success

Aubrey Harper, President Eastern Washakie Midstream—A subsidiary of Double Eagle Corporation

“GCC has provided valuable gathering and compressor operation modeling, compressor station engineering, specified and sourced our production equipment and rental compressors. They were of great assistance in mitigation of problems with our four new 1500 Hp electric drive compressors. GCC’s assistance has substantially enhanced our production while providing direct cost savings to our operations.”

Tom Lucario, VP Engineering and Operations, Intervras

“GCC has assisted Intevras with modeling various compressor performances, showing the gas production enhancement when using the EVRAS evaporative reduction and solidification system. Their engineering team has assisted with the potential design and integration of our system with multiple compressor applications. We consider GCC to be a valuable tool in developing our service offering to customers.”

Chris Conley, Manager, Gathering and Facilities, Berry Petroleum Company

GCC has provided exceptional compression consulting services to Berry for over 5 yrs. Their work has included compressor selection, optimizations and revamps to increase throughput, trouble shooting, feasibility studies and other technical consulting. Their expertise in compression has helped Berry in negotiating leased compression, mitigation of financial impacts when compressor issues arise and savings on overhauls, repairs and revamps. They are the ones who have provided the solutions to our most difficult compressor problems.

Roger Ficken, Technical Team Leader , ChevronTexaco

Dear, Wayne,

After reviewing our performance last year, I wanted to thank you for your support and willingness to work with Mr. Gardner. Your efforts have actively reduced operation costs, which encouraged the Wyoming asset to continue and expand our operations.

As the year rolled in it became very apparent that reducing Operational Expense is one of the main items to focus on this year, the Corporation as a whole has identified this.
Once again, I want to thank you for your diligent work at reducing ChevronTexaco's OPEX and look forward to work- ing with you in the future!

Roger Ficken
Wyoming Surface Engineering Technical Team Leader
MCBU Evanston, Wyoming

Williams Hill Ranch

Now that the sale of the Williams Raton asset to XTO Energy is complete, I thought it fitting to drop you a line to let you know how much Jeff Pickett and I appreciated your help and guidance over the past few years. It has been refreshing to work with you as you genuinely cared about, and focused on, maximizing our production.

The project has grown substantially since purchase. Sales have grown from 4 to over 27 MMcfd – thanks to a highly skilled and keenly motivated team. We consider you a valuable component of our team in that you provided the compression expertise that we so sorely lacked. Although the fruits of all the efforts have not yet been fully realized, you helped provide the means for continued growth. I anticipate that wellhead production will quickly reach 33 MMcfd (Bcf/month) – an outstanding accomplishment given that most of the gains were incremental via pipeline and compression enhancements. Examples of your individual contributions include, but are not limited to, coordinating/spearheading the following:

  • Design and implementation of the Hill Ranch compressor facility to very high industry standards
  • Expansion of the Hill Ranch compressor facility ~ $125,000 under estimate
  • Working with our environment group to make the Hill Ranch engines emissions compliant
  • Overhaul and revamping the Apache Canyon compressors to make the vacuum system more effective
  • Repairing/renovating the Apache Canyon facility to insure safe, continuous operating conditions

Again, this is a partial listing of your more notable accomplishments – hope I didn’t overlook any substantial item. In closing, I appreciate all your efforts for Williams, anticipate your continued dedication to XTO Energy and look forward to working with you again in the near future for my new employer.

Thanks Wayne,

Tim Clawson
Williams RMT Raton Basin Asset Manager